Thursday, October 14, 2010

Google Earnings – An Excellent Business Performance By Google

google earnings
Google Earnings - The Minimalist Google Logo
Google is considered to be a search engine giant because of the fact that despite of all the marketing efforts and strategies of its competitors Google still remains to be in the number one spot as rated by comScore surveying every search engine’s internet users’ share. Apart from this fact Google is also considered as a Giant in the field of business having exceeded most of the time their Wall Stree estimated profit for every quarter of the year. For the third quarter of this year Google earnings have been reported to be a net income of $.246 Billion where such Google earning is translated into about $7.64 per share. This google earning rose from $5.89 per share last year on the same quarter. Wall Street estimated that Google’s earnings for this quarter would only be around $6.69 a share, which of course was obviously exceeded by Google.
To breakdown the statistics a total of $4.83 billion dollars or sixty-four percent of the total revenue came from Google-owned sites, while around thirty percent of the revenue came from Google Partner sites.
What does this mean for Google? Well basically it reflects a good business strategy and marketing for the company, despite seemingly gargantuan odds, the search engine giant still managed to post an excellent revenue performance. This means that Google still has the budget to fulfil its commitment to buy small tech companies every month, this means that there will be more funding for its marketing strategies, more to fund research and development of new products which all would redound to the benefit of every Google user out there. Finally this Google earnings would mean that Google can continuously develop and provide free online applications for everyone who cannot afford to purchase expensive licenses.
Personally, all I can say is keep up the excellent performance Google!

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