Thursday, January 6, 2011

People's Choice Awards Winners Revealed

The People's Choice award is an award giving body that gathers data and votes from well you guessed it the People or the public at large. This is an award where the public's voice is what matter's most and for this year the people chose the following

Favorite Movie: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Favorite Movie Actor: Johnny Depp
Favorite Movie Actress: Kristen Stewart
Favorite Action Movie: Iron Man 2
Favorite Action Star: Jackie Chan
Favorite Drama Movie: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Favorite Family Movie: Toy Story 3
Favorite Comedy Movie: Grown Ups
Favorite Comedic Star: Adam Sandler
Favorite On Screen Team: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner)
Favorite Movie Star Under 25: Zac Efron
Favorite Horror Movie: A Nightmare on Elm Street
Favorite TV Drama: House
Favorite TV Drama Actor: Hugh Laurie
Favorite TV Drama Actress: Lisa Edelstein
Favorite TV Comedy: Glee
Favortie TV Comedy Actor: Neil Patrick Harris
Favorite TV Comedy Actress: Jane Lynch
Favorite Competition Show: American Idol
Favorite TV Crime Drama: Lie to Me
Favorite TV Crime Fighter: Tim Roth
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show: Fringe
Favorite Talk Show Host: Conan O'Brien
Favorite TV Obsession: Dexter
Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure: Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Favorite TV Guest Star: Demi Lovato (Grey's Anatomy)
Favorite TV Doctor: Gregory House (Hugh Laurie)
Favorite TV Family: The Simpsons (The Simpsons)
Favorite Family TV Movie: Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
Favorite TV Chef: Rachael Ray
Favorite New TV Drama: Hawaii Five-O
Favorite New TV Comedy: $#*! My Dad Says
Favorite Male Artist: Eminem
Favorite Female Artist: Katy Perry
Favorite Song: "Love The Way You Lie" (Eminem featuring Rihanna)
Favorite Rock Band: Paramore
Favorite Breakout Artist: Selena Gomez & the Scene
Favorite Pop Artist: Rihanna
Favorite Country Artist: Taylor Swift
Favorite R&B Artist: Usher
Favorite Hip-Hop Artist: Eminem
Favorite Music Video: "Love The Way You Lie" (Eminem featuring Rihanna)
Favorite Online Sensation: Katy Perry
Favorite Viral Video Star: Tarp Surfing
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Preparing for The Holidays - First Stop Halloween

Halloween Pumpin carving ideas

It is again that time of the year where everybody is getting excited on...well...the Holidays, most people all over the world loves the last quarter of the year since it is where most of the holidays are found, from Halloween to New Year (though technically that is the first quarter of the coming year). This is also the time when parents become restless that is because of the fact that they would want to give their children a wonderful Holiday experience. Parent's who would host parties for their children would sometimes get worked up on finding unique ideas on how to prepare and implement their holiday parties. Sometimes its because Holiday celebrations are done yearly that we ran out of ideas on what unique things or activities to do on the current year. Well let us take the different holidays one by one shall we?

First stop, Halloween although officially it is not celebrated worldwide a considerable number of people observe this "Holiday". Halloween according to legends was coined from an old Scottish name Old-Hallows-Eve which is translated into the night before All Hallows Day. According to folklorists and historians Halloween festival is the same as the summers-end festival known as Samhain (pronounced as sow-in). Samhain is sometimes called a Celtic new year and it is a celebration of the end of the "light-half" of the year and the beginning of the "dark half" of the year.

pumpkin carving ideasAccording to folklore ancient Celts believed that during Samhain the border between our world and the spirit world opens and thus allowing spirits to traverse and enter our world. The use of scary costumes was believed to be a method of warding of spirits by disguising yourself into a harmful spirits. Today people celebrating Halloween wears masks and costumes as part of the tradition and through the years the festival has grown to be a lot more elaborate with the inclusion of parties and modern festivities.

Children specially are looking forward to Halloween as it is a chance for them to go "trick or treating", and attend parties. Of course the latter would be one of the parent's main concern, going back to the basic question what unique activities should I do this year for the children? As the festivities draws near it would be prudent for you to start your research, the internet is a vast source of information anyway, but if you would like to have a compendium of activities in one resource buying books would be the way to go. Books about what activities to do during Halloween, Cook books if you ran out of unique recipes and even how to decorate your home for the Halloween with the traditional Jack-o-lanterns would be of great help teaching you several pumpkin carving ideas that way you would not need to rush and spend so much time in researching.

The following are my recommended resources to make your Halloween Parties Unique and Exciting!

Halloween Recipes, Pumpkin seed recipespumpkin carving ideas
Halloween Activities Kids Halloween Activities Pumpkin carving ideas

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Google Earnings – An Excellent Business Performance By Google

google earnings
Google Earnings - The Minimalist Google Logo
Google is considered to be a search engine giant because of the fact that despite of all the marketing efforts and strategies of its competitors Google still remains to be in the number one spot as rated by comScore surveying every search engine’s internet users’ share. Apart from this fact Google is also considered as a Giant in the field of business having exceeded most of the time their Wall Stree estimated profit for every quarter of the year. For the third quarter of this year Google earnings have been reported to be a net income of $.246 Billion where such Google earning is translated into about $7.64 per share. This google earning rose from $5.89 per share last year on the same quarter. Wall Street estimated that Google’s earnings for this quarter would only be around $6.69 a share, which of course was obviously exceeded by Google.
To breakdown the statistics a total of $4.83 billion dollars or sixty-four percent of the total revenue came from Google-owned sites, while around thirty percent of the revenue came from Google Partner sites.
What does this mean for Google? Well basically it reflects a good business strategy and marketing for the company, despite seemingly gargantuan odds, the search engine giant still managed to post an excellent revenue performance. This means that Google still has the budget to fulfil its commitment to buy small tech companies every month, this means that there will be more funding for its marketing strategies, more to fund research and development of new products which all would redound to the benefit of every Google user out there. Finally this Google earnings would mean that Google can continuously develop and provide free online applications for everyone who cannot afford to purchase expensive licenses.
Personally, all I can say is keep up the excellent performance Google!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The New GAP Logo An Epic Fail?

The new GAP logo released by GAP Inc.

They say change is good, especially so that change is inevitable, but what happens if such change is not accepted by majority of the stakeholders, will change still be implemented? Yes indeed change is inevitable and it is also good however this principle is applicable on a case to case basis. In the world of fashion change is always introduced and some are widely accepted while some are…well…considered as flops.
This “flop” in the field of fashion came when GAP announced that they will be changing the GAP logo. Change of a company or a store logo did not affect any GAP clients until the company rolled out the logo for public view. The logo was a white background with bold black letters and a small blue box on the upper right corner of the logo. According to GAP however the change of their logo to highlight GAP’s evolution throughout the years complementing its new fits for khakis and black pants, a range of sleeker design and a lot more modern feel. Then new GAP logo is said to embody the company’s view on such evolution. Ever since the new GAP logo was shown to the public internet critiques have not stopped buzzing on the logo change using Blogs, Facebook and Twitter as their medium.
Although GAP did not specify any direct participation of the public in the new GAP logo they have announced that the company would like to get other ideas, this was announced by GAP through Facebook where the GAP fan page still is using the old GAP logo.
Indeed change is necessary at times especially if such change is accepted unanimously by stakeholders but in the case of the GAP logo change it would seem that GAP failed to highlight the company name by disregarding familiarity on the logo, changing the word GAP in the GAP logo from upper case letters to smaller case letters on the letters’ “a” and “p” made the logo or company name a lot weaker and the small square as well as the white background did not help in giving strong company presence in their logo. It is a good thing that GAP is contemplating on letting the public or stakeholders give their ideas for a GAP logo change as this would help the company in developing a logo that is loved not only by the company but also by the public and the stakeholders.

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